Tips for Growers Using Grow Tents

During the cooler months it can be difficult for people in the UK to grow the majority of produce outdoors. Watermelons, tomatoes and peppers are all examples of seasonal produce which cannot be grown all year round outdoors using traditional gardening techniques.  Yes people possible could grow these in greenhouses should they have enough space for a greenhouse; however the reality is that many people do not have the space for this.

Do not worry though, for those with little outdoor space looking to grow seasonal produce, there is another options available – Hydroponics. Grow tents provide a logical alternative and for those who are unsure what these tents are, we are going to today provide some information.

Grow tents, although varying in size and shape, are all tents in which are made up of a portable frame covered in thick plastic sheeting that is specially designed to keep in heat and encourage plants to grow fabulously.

Growing Using Grow Tents: Top Tips


  • Make sure that you put your grow tent in the very best possible location. It needs to be somewhere where it will be able to stay for at least a few months and it needs to be somewhere which can access both power and water. Make sure that wherever you choose for your grow tent to be that it is not going to get in the way
  • You don’t only need to ensure that there is enough space for your grow tent but also that nearby there will be somewhere for your store supplies and extra equipment. Some of the extra things in which you may need to store include lighting systems, reservoirs, AC units and nutrients

  • Think about whether one grow tent is adequate for your needs, or whether two would be more suitable. Having two grow tents can often be advantageous because it allows for people to grow plants in two different conditions, allowing for them to grow a vaster variety of produce at the same time
  • If you are even in doubt in regards to what equipment you need to put inside your grow tent, or as too which are the greatest options for your individual needs and requirements, then it is vital that you contact your local hydroponics supplier who should be more than happy to assist