Top Reasons to Grow Hydro

Hydroponics is rapidly becoming the primary method of food production amongst serious enthusiasts and amateur growers alike. There are some fantastic benefits to growing your own produce hydroponically; here is a roundup of the key benefits.

Sustainable and eco friendly

Bloom Advance floriculture

A variety of fruit and vegetables can be grown hydroponically such as tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cucumber and many more. Growing your own produce in grow tents is more environmentally friendly than purchasing from the shops as there is zero transportation cost involved. Thus reducing the carbon footprint. You can grow these foods all year round and once you taste the freshness, you won’t want to buy these foods again.

Less is more

Growing hydroponically uses less water, zero soil and the amount of space needed to grow within is vastly reduced. This has a major benefit as produce can be grown absolutely anywhere. People who have very limited space can still grow hydroponically as many people have success with windowsill or balcony setups.

Total control

When you grow your own produce, you have total control over how they are grown and what nutrient ratios they are produced with. By growing your own produce you eliminate the use of pesticides and herbicides, making the food much healthier and full of goodness.

Short production cycle

The cycle of growing is much shorter than that of conventional methods, thus making it a much quicker process from planting to plate.

If you are considering the merits of hydroponic growing, it is recommended you choose a reputable supplier. This is someone who can provide not only the necessary equipment but help and guidance on the best fir for your needs. One such supplier is Tropicanna Horticulture, who provides a vast and extensive range of hydroponic equipment and specialist nutrients such as Bloom Advanced floriculture.