Transform your home in The New Year… through 3 easy steps!

The festive season is typically taken as a time of celebration and gatherings; people getting together and paying visits. Your house will typically be used more than ever, as time is taken away from work and it is used as a place of entertainment, comfort and cosiness against the colder weather. However, more time spent at home may cause you to be critical of it. Perhaps there are some areas which need updating? Or perhaps you’ve seen a different interior style in another house and prefer that? But rather than dwell on the negative,  you can be positive! As The New Year offers the opportunity for you to breathe some fresh air into your home.


Whether you  just want to give your house that little positive lift for a productive 2016, or you have bigger plans ahead, you can already take the steps with these transformative house tips…

Make these changes for the better

  • Let in the light – the days in January and February can seem short and dull, so it matters to enhance the light your house lets in during the day. Set to be big this 2016 are drapes and draws close to windows, rather than blinds and curtains
  • Looking good with laminate – carpets can be considered unhygienic and quickly fade. A fine interior feature which can instantly make your home feel more airy and spacious is laminate flooring. It offers a multi-versatile service
  • Streamline your garden – if your garden looks good, then you are more likely to feel positive about the house itself.