Try Something Different With Black Envelopes!

Black envelopes are a great way to stand out from the postal crowd of colourful, garish flyers or the bog-standard, bill-looking envelope on somebody’s doormat. Black envelopes are also a great addition to a themed party invitations, such as Halloween, a Black-Tie event or even a classical themed Wedding!

Black Envelopes

However, one of the most glaring problems with using a black envelope is finding a way to actually address the paper so it is actually visible without the use of a monocle or magnifying glass.

Here are some quick tips on how best to address your black envelopes:

  • An address label and a printer: sticky back white labels printed onto the letter will make the address stand out but still look formal and professional, for formal or work events.
  • An address label and a pen: again sticky back white – or coloured – labels written on with a pen colour of your choice is a good way to make the address stand out but still have a more personal feel.
  • A piece of paper and a pen: alternatively to sticky labels, a piece of paper written on and stuck on either from behind with glue or double-sided tape or across the front with pieces of clear sellotape.
  • Envelopes can also be printed onto by suppliers, such as Discount Envelopes, to ensure they are professional looking and uniform.
  • Gel pens or marker pens: to write directly onto the envelope, use a coloured gel pen, which are available in white, silver, gold and fluorescent colours such as neon pink or yellow, so they can be themed depending on occasion. Similarly to this, slightly less visible but a little more subtle, is the use of metallic marker pens such as silver or gold, which in certain lights will be less visible but will show up well when caught in the right light.

So there you have it, how to utilise black envelopes for those special occasions, to help you to stand out from the pile of white bills on the front doormat.