How to Use Up Your Remaining Fabric

Have you ever thought about saving money by making your own clothes and bedding?

Then why not try it out?

Many people are taking up the art of sewing so that they can produce something which they need but at a low price, all you have to do is pay for the fabric and then make time to start sewing. Not only is this great because it allows people to produce something that fits their exact needs, but in addition to this it is also quite therapeutic and satisfying.

There are multiple things which you can make from fabric, for example, clothes, bedding, curtains, bags – and  these are only a few. You’re able to pick from a variety of material, patterns and colours which makes making something that you love that much more exciting. There are plenty of good quality, cheap fabric choices for you to pick from, allowing for you to make things even more affordably.

However, many people find that they’re left with excess fabric once they have made their curtains for instance, that is why we have developed a list of things which you can make with the remaining fabric so that you’re able to get as much out of it as you can.

These include:

  • You could make a pillow case for your kids or even yourself.
  • Many people use the remaining fabric to make a flower for decoration or other creative decorations.
  • Now winter is upon us why don’t you make use of the fabric and get yourself warm and cosy by making a scarf, or even a hat and gloves.
  • A decorative mat.
  • Are any of your friends and family having a party? If so, then you could make decorative items for them – such as bunting.
  • Many people find that fabric cases for phones and iPods work great! So why don’t you try it out.
  • You can even make a bag or a stuffed animal.