Web Design Mistakes That Could Be Destroying Your SEO

When opting to get a new website, it is vital that people not only ensure that they consider appearance, choosing designs which will appeal to their target audiences, but also that SEO is thought about at all stages of the design process – Combining the best web design with SEO allows for ultimate success, and is something that should never be overlooked.

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Many people after getting a new website realise that their SEO is deteriorating and that they’re losing their rankings, this is likely because their web designers have not catered for their SEO. Some of the most common web design mistakes, known to destroy SEO progression include:

  • Ignoring mobile users. A high number of websites receive more mobile visitors than they do desktop, and when mobile users visit a website that doesn’t display correctly on their device they will more than likely leave. Because of this companies should always ensure that their web designers design websites that are mobile friendly and optimised.
  • Forgetting functionality. No matter how great a website may look, if important information/products/services being offered are hard to find, users are bound to get frustrated and choose to find an alternative website to use. Upon visiting a website, people should straight away be able to see what is on offer and be able to navigate with ease.
  • Lacking navigation menus. Having a functional, SEO friendly navigation menu should always be a high priority; this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to allow priority pages to rank well within the search engines. In many cases this can make the difference between important website pages ranking well or not ranking at all.
  • Unnecessary URL structure changes. Changing URLs and the overall structure of a website can negatively impact SEO. For website owners that rank for a good amount of keywords changing the URLs for their highest ranking pages can be incredibly damaging.
  • Killing keyword strategies. It’s vital that people with effective keyword strategies don’t leave these behind – understanding the impact changes to title tags and on-page content can have on sites search traffic.

These are only some of the available tips too. If you are currently considering a new web design it is always best practice to employ a web design Burnley company that is also proficient in SEO, this will allow for web designers to work closely with SEO experts to create the greatest results possible. There are many digital marketing agencies available to assist however, so make sure that you choose an industry-renowned company who has proven themselves within the industry and that has great testimonials from their previous clients.