Why not consider a second hand portable shower or toilet unit?

Upon hearing the phrase ‘portable shower and toilet units’ many people are taken aback. This is due to the impression that they are going to be inefficient and unclean, especially so when also incorporated with the words ‘second hand’. This common misconception is probably something to do with the portable toilets often used at outdoor events and busy festivals. Which are more often than not unhygienic and even sometimes unbearable to use. However, when they are sourced properly and chosen effectively, such problems can be eliminated!

A range of locations to think about

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Festivals however are not the only place where portable toilets and showers can be advantageous.  Other uses for these modular buildings include but are by no means limited to large parties, mass camping activities and for construction workers whom are working on new sites. If for any reason you require these, whether to hire or purchase, there are many companies now available that will be able to assist you and to save yourself money you should definitely consider opting for a second-hand solution.

Some portable prospects may be on the horizon

A prime example of a company that could supply you with everything that you need in this area is Insite Portable Accommodation. This company offers portable toilets, changing rooms and shower blocks both for sale and hire and have many varieties available – from singular units to units containing multiple showers and toilets. They even offer a bespoke service in which they modify cabins to suit individual needs and meet demands.

This company also offer a range of other portable buildings hire services including anti vandal units, storage containers, portable offices and canteens and temporary modular buildings. With high quality throughout and competitive prices as well as expert knowledge and a friendly team, you may be interested in visiting their website: www.insiteportableaccommodation.co.uk