Writing can let you live the dream

Everyone secretly wishes for that lucky break. A life where doing what you love is enough to survive and even thrive. For many of the free-spirited among us, this hope includes the opportunity to spend hours working on perfecting an art form like painting or writing.


Many people aspire to be a full-time writer. When asked what they want to be when they grow up, many children answer ‘author’ or ‘writer’. Yet dreams seem sadly to be pushed aside as people grow older, take on the world of work, and assume it’s too late to earn a living from writing. In turn, writing becomes a ‘recreational’ activity or something on the side, often neglected.

But it doesn’t have to be like.  Writing is a profession that can be taken up by most people at any point in their lives! And, quality creative writing courses are the answer. An increasing number of people are investing in their dream through writing courses and training. The best colleges not only provide the foundation for embracing writing professionally, but also enhance your creative skills.   This means that even if you don’t take up writing for payment, you can still find enjoyment in the creative element.

But with such a range of courses to choose from it is vital to pick one which can back-up promises of accomplishment with evidence.