Yorkshire Hog Roasts to Make Your Mouth Water!

If you’re planning an event or special occasion, a hog roast can be the perfect catering choice and offers a traditional or specialty meal for countless guests. You can select special Yorkshire-reared hogs to ensure your guests are dining on the finest pork available and The Yorkshire Pig is a local supplier of hog roast machines for hire in Sheffield and the surrounding neighbourhood.


Hog roasts are great for summer evening events outside and farming or countryside occasions, but don’t stop there. Spit roasted meats taste superb and nothing beats the aromas given out as your hog roasts on one of The Yorkshire Pig’s spit roasting machines. Your guest’s mouths will be watering while your hog roasts and when they bite into the succulent flesh they will find the experience even more enjoyable.

The Yorkshire Pig can cater any event, if required, alternatively hog roast machines in Sheffield, Leeds and the surrounding areas are available for full hire. Machines are supplied with full gas bottles and all the instructions or tuition you will need to ensure your hog roast goes off with a bang! You can roast pigs between 55 and 60kg in weight, so all the family and invited friends can be sure of eating as much delicious, freshly spit roasted pork as they could possibly desire.

If you order a catered event from The Yorkshire Pig, your guests can enjoy scrumptious pork in the freshest baps served with delicious sauces. Our juicy apple sauce, mouth-watering BBQ sauce and tasty hot, smoky chilli sauce will all provide great accompaniments to your spit roasted pork with crunchy crackling. We also provide traditional sage and onion stuffing and plates and napkins for all guests. You can add side orders to your meal option to create a tasty buffet meal which will complement your spit roasted hog.

Contact The Yorkshire Pig for full details of the best hog roast machines for hire in Sheffield and the surrounding neighbourhood.